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Buyer Mistakes

There are numerous blunders that new and seasoned home buyers make. Here is a small list of the most frequent.

1. Going it on your own. Purchasing a home today can be a complicated transaction. Should you choose not to work with a real estate agent it is to your advantage to find a very good real estate attorney, loan officer, home inspector, insurance provider along with a title company. Obtain the assistance you require early on in the purchasing process.

2. Buying at first sight. You’ll want to investigate the location at various times of the day and week. Noise and traffic can differ significantly at various times. Make certain the house meets your needs both personally and financially. Consider if you had to move sooner than you planned would the home get reasonable resale value.

3. Not getting pre-qualified and pre-approved. Pre-qualification provides you with an over-all idea of the amount you can borrow. Pre-approval means a loan provider has verified your info and credit rating and decided to provide you with a specific amount of money if all conditions are fulfilled. An individual is in significantly greater negotiating position if you are pre-approved and a competing buyer is not.

4. Overbuying. You may qualify to borrow a greater amount but do you really want to. Being “house poor” is certainly not recommended. You may absolutely adore your new home, however, you still want to enjoy an occasional dinner and movie out without having to be concerned. Evaluate your per month expenses: food, transportation, credit cards, auto loans and so on, make sure there is a bit remaining if situations should change.

5. Misplacing your trust. Regardless of how much you like your agent, the sellers, different inspectors or even the individuals who vouched on their behalf, always remember that this is a business transaction. Your choices can be binding so seek information and make sure to read and understand the reports you get. If possible work with a Realtor that knows what buyer representation means. A buyer’s agent has a fiduciary responsibility to represent, protect and take care of you…not the Sellers.

6. Not getting it in writing. You should never depend on oral agreements. There’s an old saying to get it right, get it in writing. Written contracts almost always take priority over oral ones. Individuals will say all kinds of things, if you would like to hold them to it get it in writing.

7.  Forgetting about resale. Avoid if possible purchasing the priciest home on the block. Your neighbors lesser value will pull down your value. A good guideline is to never spend greater than 40-50% of what similar nearby homes have sold for.

8. Ignoring the fine print. Before you decide to sign anything you need to be aware of what you’re putting your signature on. A good real estate agent will gladly clarify everything and anything you’re uncertain of. Inquire if you are unsure of anything. Try and obtain copies of essential paperwork in advance so that you can read through it and ensure you understand it.

9. Making un-conditional offers.

* Mortgage contingency: If you are applying for a loan (like the majority of home buyers) making certain to check the box for mortgage loan contingency is pretty much a no brainer. Prior to the financial institution lending you any money they are going to require an appraisal, this is obviously to protect their interest. They will want to make sure the home’s value is adequate to warrant the borrowed funds. If the home appraises for a lessor amount than the sales price the loan could be refused.

* Home Inspection: While a good home inspector will charge a few hundred dollars this is generally money wisely spent . If the house has concerns he will find them and the problems can be handled. If their are no problems you will have piece of mind knowing that at least for a few years you should have no big outlays of funds.

* Home Owners/Hazard Insurance. Verify that you’ll be able of get sufficient protection. Your Realtor should be able to suggest a number of insurance brokers to you. Even though unusual, you still need to be certain you’ll be insured.

10. Having buyers remorse. Individuals will stress over which candy bar they should have bought. They mull over whether or not they made a good choice on the menu after they place their dinner order. It’s human nature to question if we’ve made a good choice. So it’s only natural following a major purchase like a home to question if we made a wise decision. Remember that no place is perfect. Do your research, study the market, talk to family and friends and make your decision. Once settled in the majority of home buyers acknowledge that they made the correct decision. Don’t miss a great house and a great time to buy, waiting for everything  to be perfect!

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