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Market Exposure is Essential when Selling Your Home!

Thinking about selling your home, here are some home selling basics to consider. First off, are you selling for the right reasons? It’s human nature to see something newer or bigger or in a different location and think, I want that. Often though it’s just that we’re bored with what we have. Maybe your place just needs a little make over, fresh paint, new carpet, some new cabinet doors and Voila’ your old place looks new again. Selling is big decision, take some time and make sure you’re selling for the right reasons.

Now that your sure about your reasons to sell the next major decision is, do you go it alone or use a REALTOR. Some owners have the skills to sell on their own, most do not. The National Association of Realtors estimates that approximately 15% of properties sold each year are For Sale By Owners (FSBO’s). What the NAR study doesn’t point out is that many of those sales are to people the seller already knew. FSBO sales are often to family members, other relatives, friends and neighbors .

What makes it so difficult to sell on your own? In one word, Exposure! The typical FSBO puts up a sign, runs a little ad in the local newspaper and maybe, does an ad on Craigslist. There’s also the hope that the perfect buyer may “drive by” and see the sign. Unfortunately, seldom are these methods enough to find the right buyer and get the home sold.

If you go with a sharp agent he will have a comprehensive online and offline marketing plan. Study after study show that almost 90% of home buyers start their search on the internet, then, they call an agent.  By hiring an agent with a strong internet presence you will have a much greater chance of exposing your home to the entire pool of potential buyers. More importantly, your home will be entered into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) where you will access to thousands of serious buyers already working with an agent.

Time and time again research has shown that basic mistakes, pricing errors and lack of negotiating skills cost the typical For Sale By Owner more than the commission they would have paid a REALTOR. David Ramsey, (a popular TV and radio Financial Planning expert) when asked about FSBO vs. using an agent, said this “Trust me, you’ll get a much better deal-with a lot less hassle-by using a top flight real estate agent.”  I have to agree!

If you are thinking about selling your home, we can help. Just give us a call, you will always receive Straight Forward AnswersNo  Sales Pressure.
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