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Get ready South Philly AVI is coming!

In an eye opening article, Jana Shea (Newsworks) covers a meeting with Philadelphia City Controller Alan Butkovitz. The meeting was about Phillys’ new AVI (Actual Value Initiative) and a proposed tax rate of 1.8%. In an already struggling real estate market the last thing Philadelphians need is to have their taxes doubled. Is it too late to do anything?

AVI  is already law but the exact millage rate has not been set. Is it time to storm the castle?  Maybe not quite yet but it is certainly time to find out what is going on and tell your council man/woman how you feel.

“What does it take to create panic?” For City Controller of Philadelphia, Alan Butkovitz, that ominous question is at the heart of what he feels is the most important issue involving the Actual Value Initiative (AVI) – how much will residential property owners see their real estate taxes increase and will they be able and willing to shoulder that burden.

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